In today’s competitive business landscape, creating a memorable brand experience is more important than ever. One innovative way to achieve this is through the use of customized gifts. These personalized items not only express appreciation to your clients or employees but also serve as a potent branding tool. In this blog post, we’ll delve into a case study of how Lost Coast Laser assisted Jahmed a festival medical services organization to enhance their brand through customized ID badges.

The Challenge

The Jahmed team was looking for a unique way to increase their brand visibility and create a lasting impression for their staff & volunteers. They wanted to offer their team a fun and unique keepsake that would also serve as a reminder of their brand during each event.

The Solution

Lost Coast Laser proposed the idea of customized ID badges. We suggested creating laser-engraved green acrylic ID badges with Jahmed’s logo and the team member’s name. We included a metric and standard rule on each side to help medical personal take measurements of wounds in an emergency per their request. These ID badges would not only be a practical gift but would also serve as a constant reminder of the brand and the event.

The Process

Our team at Lost Coast Laser worked closely with Jahmed to understand their brand and vision. We then designed a prototype of the ID badge, incorporating their logo and measuring tools. Once the design was approved, we used our state-of-the-art laser engraving technology to create the ID badges, ensuring each one was crafted to perfection.

The Result

The customized ID badges were a hit! Jahmed’s team distributed them to their staff & volunteers, who appreciated the thoughtful and practical gift. The ID badges served as a constant reminder of the brand, helping to increase brand awareness.

Moreover, the ID badges sparked conversations about the Jahmed organization, leading to more festival referrals.


This case study demonstrates the power of customized gifts in boosting your brand. They not only serve as a token of appreciation but also act as a powerful marketing tool. At Lost Coast Laser, we’re passionate about helping organizations like Jahmed achieve their branding goals through our range of customizable gifts. Whether it’s laser-engraved ID badges, personalized office supplies, or custom-cut signs, we’re here to help you make a lasting impression.

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